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natural cure sick Diabetes Mellitus (DM) with Tripang / gamat.

Natural cure sick Diabetes Mellitus (DM) with Tripang / gamat. One alternative treatment of diabetes mellitus is by sea cucumbers Gold G (extract teriapng / gamat). Based on the results of research in various universities around the world, found that sea cucumbers are highly efficacious as a medicine as an antiseptic for sore versatile traditional and Diabetes Mellitus.
Diabetes Mellitus (DM) also known as diabetes or blood sugar is a group of chronic disease marked by high blood sugar levels as a result of disruption in the body's metabolic system, where the organ pancreas can not produce the hormone insulin needed by the body.

Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas that is responsible for controlling the number of levels of blood / sugar and insulin is needed to change the (processed) carbohydrates, fats, and proteins into energy needed by the human body. The function of the hormone insulin lowers blood sugar.

According Dr.Ir.M. Ahkam Subroto, M.App.Sc., Researcher Bioteknolog LIPI, high protein content in sea cucumbers which reached 82%, whether given to diabetics. High protein plays regenerate pancreatic beta cells that produce insulin. As a result, increased insulin production. (Trubus 441, August 2006, page 109).

From these studies proved that the sea cucumber / gamat contains "Cell Growth Factor" (cell regeneration factor) so as to stimulate the regeneration / recovery of human cells and tissues that have been damaged / rotten even sick, so being healthy / cured. Examples of simple example in the case of diabetes mellitus. Besides drinking, gamat also applied to the wounds that had rotted, even almost amputated. Apparently, "Cell Growth Factor" is able to work well so that wounds heal faster.
According to Walter KM Yee, a nutritionist from Luxor Malaysia. There are 11 amino acids in sea cucumbers, among them eicosapentaenat acid (EPA) and docosahexaenat acid (DHA) high, respectively 25.69% and 3.69%. EPA value indicates the speed of sea cucumbers repair tissue damage. According to Wang H and Zhang G from the Shanghai Institute of Hematology, Shanghai Second Medical University, China reveal sea cucumber glycosaminoglycan-rich compound that antipenggumpalan and blood clotting. (Trubus, Sunday, April 6, 2008 02:11:07)
Chromium content of sea cucumbers also help reduce the performance of insulin diabetes. Way through the absorption of excess glucose in the blood glucose into the tissue and suck blood faster. This causes the consumption of sea cucumbers to prevent and cure disease with diabetes mellitus. That's why high sugar disease and decay Suharmen disappeared obstructed lungs. Gamat then regenerate lung cells so that the disease cured, even if takes 2 years.
Extracts of sea cucumbers that have now become a byword in Indonesian society. Many patients expect recover from the deadly disease by consuming extracts. On the other hand there are many doctors who develop certain diseases, and cucumber meal for yourself and feel the benefits straight away. The next episode, the doctor suggested, if not practical-prescription for the patient.
Just to mention an example, in Jakarta there is Dr. Pieter AW Pattinama MPH, former director of PGI Cikini Hospital. Long suffering from an attack of diabetes mellitus since 1972 eventually led. That was after he did acupuncture therapy plus gamat extract consumption. blood sugar is a man 59 years initially 500 mg / dl decreased to 160 mg / dl in 2 months. (Trubus, Edition: Sunday, July 2, 2006 17:12:52).

Content of Sea Cucumber (tripang / gamat) based on the results of research are:

Protein 86.8%
Collagen 80.0%
Glucasaninoglycans (GAGS)
Natural Antiseptic
Omega-3, 6, and 9
Amino Acids content of tripang is very good for curing sickness diabetes mellitus.


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